Words carry power.  The right word spoken at the right time can change everything for someone– quite possibly the trajectory of his/her life. Our vision at Post & Gate is to use words to release life into the lives around us by creating art from the words of Scripture. What’s unique about our art is that it incorporates not only the English text, but also the original Hebrew and Greek languages.

We want to sow life-giving words in every form imaginable. Our vision is rooted in Deuteronomy 6:9, where the people of God are instructed to put His words on their doorposts and gates; the idea is to have Scripture ever before us, because what the eye beholds the heart can be changed by.

In a world often drowning in fear, negativity, and bad news, we want to be voices speaking truth, life, and hope. We bear good news, and our artfully displayed words are invitations to come closer, and discover a better Voice to listen to.

In a market full of catch-phrase word art, we are purposefully highlighting passages rich in depth, and even those that are not-so-widely quoted/printed. Our desire is to allure with both the beauty and depth of our art, in hopes of stirring a curiosity to go deeper.  To this end, we have created podcast discussions to unpack each of our designs.  We want the listener to know what motivated a particular design, to grasp the passage’s significance, and to understand how these words can be embodied in everyday life.

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