We hope you are encouraged as we unpack each design. Stay tuned for more episodes to come!!!


Meet Carla and Hayley, the women behind Post & Gate, as they share a little about themselves and their passion fueling this project.  It's their love for the Scriptures and their belief in its power to breathe life into the human heart that are bringing these pieces into existence.


Where does this passage sit in Scripture, and what is its significance?  Join us as we look at Isaiah 60:1-3 through the lens of its Hebrew grammar.  This closer look reveals rich prophetic truth meant not only for the prophet's original audience but for you and me, today!


Isaiah 60 is emphatically telling us (the people of God) to shine.  But how do we shine?  What does that mean for our daily lives?


Once we grasp the significance of this Arise Shine passage and gain an understanding of how we shine, it's important to know what happens as a result of our shining.  Our authentic shining will always have the glory of God as its chief end, but it will be met with varying reactions from the people around us.


A passage teeming with promise.  These words spoken through the prophet Joel speak a timeless word of hope into the parts of our lives that feel broken or wasted.  Maybe we caused a lot of our heartache, or maybe it was beyond our control.  No matter the source of our waste and brokenness, our Father's ability to restore is boundless!


This is a declaration for God's sons and daughters! Our 'yes' to Jesus has killed our old sinful nature and ushered in something unimaginably better: life in the Spirit.  When we come alive, there's no turning back to who we once were.


It's become a catch phrase in our day - one haphazardly applied to any and every cultural discussion. But Love has a Name and an origin, and only with Him as our starting point will we rightly understand why Love really does win.  He won, He wins, He will win.